Issue 2022-W51

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This week has been about dependency verification in Python, reversing redacted text, a SQL database library written in Rust, a SQLite extension set, embeddable storage solutions for building high-level databases and describing concrete syntax trees.

# SQLean

A SQLite set of extensions covering topics like hashing functions, fuzzy string matching, user functions, math functions and more.

# Introducing Ungrammar

An article on a new formalism for describing concrete syntax trees.

# What's the big deal about key-value databases like FoundationDB and RocksDB?

An article looking into embeddable storage solutions for building high-level databases.

# A not so unfortunate sharp edge in Pipenv

An article on the consequences of using a hash-based verification for dependencies in Python.

# GlueSQL

A SQL database library written in Rust. It is designed to be either a building block for a new database or an embeddable SQL database using memory or disk.

# Never, Ever, Ever Use Pixelation for Redacting Text

An article showcasing how to reverse redacted text and the challenges pixelation impose on the process.