Issue 2023-W01

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This week has been about reactive libraries mechanics, graph neural networks, reusable SQL with M4, TypeScript types from Rust, a command-line JSON viewer and web browsers user agent compatibility.

# jless

A command-line JSON viewer designed for reading, exploring, and searching through JSON data.

# SQL + M4 = Composable SQL

An article exploring how to create reusable SQL expressions using M4 macros.

# Remember when the IE 11 User-Agent forced Mozilla to freeze part of its User-Agent string (last week)

An article explaining the new twist on the bizarre world of the backwards-compatible Web.

# A Gentle Introduction to Graph Neural Networks

A tutorial on graph neural networks with interactive examples starting from the definition of graph data structures to the mechanics of a GNN model.

# Super Charging Fine-Grained Reactive Performance

An article explaining how reactive libraries work depending on whether they are lazy or eager.

# ts-rs

A Rust library to generate TypeScript type declarations from Rust types.