Issue 2023-W03

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This week has been about float point numbers, an interaction net runtime, deep learning in Rust, data wrangling in Python and modem handshakes explained.

# Burn

A deep learning framework written in Rust.

# Float exposed

A service decomposing a floating point number into its meaningful parts allowing for changes to see how IEEE 754 arithmetics work.

# Examples of floating point problems

An article analysing common floating point number problems with a positive lens. You may also be interested in the followup Examples of problems with integers.

# The sound of the dialup, pictured

An article describing the handshake between two modems.

# High-order Virtual Machine (HVM)

A pure functional runtime that is lazy, non-garbage-collected and parallel. It uses interaction nets as model of computation.

# Cruising through complex data

An article introducing Glom, a Python libary to query and transform nested data structures. It offers a range of utilities such as path-based access, declarative transformations and specifications.