Issue 2023-W04

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This week has been about using NPM for non-javascript packages, the line of death pattern, story points and planning, rare Git commands, a pub/sub protocol and a new introduction to Nix.

# Packaging Rust Applications for the NPM Registry

An article exploring NPM for packaging and distributing generic binaries.

As long as you have the correct set of tools for executing a binary and packaging it, you're set. […] you can package anything and do anything when the package is installed/executed. That's why NPM is so dangerous!

# Zero to Nix

An introduction to Nix aiming to be more gentle than the official documentation.

# Zenoh

A pub/sub/query protocol unifying data in motion, data at rest and computations. It blends traditional pub/sub with geo distributed storage, queries and computations, while retaining a level of time and space efficiency.

# Git Commands You Probably Do Not Need

An article presenting some edge-case Git commands.

# The death of the line of death

An article arguing that the classic line of death for trusted/untrusted UIs (e.g. web browser vs web content) is an outdated concept.

# From Story Points to Slam Dunks — Planning for Success

An article proposing an alternative way to communicate estimated effort instead of Story Points. Like most writings on the topic, it sidesteps the problem of communication with team outsiders (other teams, management, commercial, etc) which is fundamental to any successful estimation process. How to plan? gives a broader perspective on planning.