Issue 2023-W05

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This week has been about shipping pre-built Rust binaries, an alternative to asdf, an alternative to Git, a 12-bit colour palette, a recursive game of life and the Quite Ok Image format.

# Release Engineering Is Exhausting So Here's cargo-dist

An article introducing cargo-dist for shipping pre-built Rust applications.

# Life universe

A game of life implementing game of life.

# The 12-bit rainbow palette

A 12-bit colour palette based on perception of hue, chrome and luminance.

# rtx

A polyglot runtime manager written in Rust that uses asdf plugins under the hood.

# Jujutsu VCS

A Git-compatible distributed version control system using Git's data model with a UX inspired by Mercurial, Pijul and Darcs.

# The Quite OK Image Format

An image format with lossless compression to PNG similar sizes whilst providing faster encoding (claim 20x-50x) and faster decoding (claim 3x-4x).