Issue 2023-W06

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This week has been about a multi-source query engine, a file-tree visualiser, a Rust magazine, GPT-3 prompt injections, a tutorial on fzf and Rust procedural macros.

# erdtree

A multi-threaded file-tree visualizer and disk usage analyzer.

# I don’t know how to solve prompt injection

An article exploring the “prompt injection” vector of attack in tools like GPT-3.

# Implementing i18n-format, a Rust procedural macro

A tutorial on writing procedural macros in Rust.

# trustfall

A query engine which able to query any data source or combination of data sources e.g. relational databases, GraphQL APIs, JSON, CSV, git.

# Rust Magazine

A publication for the Rust programming language community.

# A Practical Guide to fzf: Building a File Explorer

A tutorial on fzf, exploring its main features and looking into performance issues.