Issue 2023-W07

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This week has been about an iOS Mastodon application, a tool for inspecting large allocations in Rust, a tool to make Linux applications behave, Python's GIL, Go's proposal on telemetry and a deep dive on Rust and WebAssembly.

# Boxxy

A tool for forcing Linux applications to put their files and directories in the right place.

# Rust to WebAssembly the hard way

A deep dive into Rust targeting WebAssembly without the aid of wasm-bindgen.

# Transparent Telemetry for Open-Source Projects

An article on the benefits of telemetry for open source projects by the Go team. Telemetry is a controversial topic and even more when it comes from a company like Google with a track record of doing the wrong thing regarding privacy.

The Go team wrote three articles describing the proposal and its strengths and also had a lengthy discussion in GitHub. Worth the time to understand both sides.

# IceCubesApp

An open source application for accessing the decentralized social network Mastodon in iOS.

# allocscope

A tool for tracking down where the most large allocations are occurring in a C, C++ or Rust codebase.

# When Python can’t thread: a deep-dive into the GIL’s impact

An article looking into Python's Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) and the consequences when using multiple threads.

You might also be interested in Python’s multiprocessing performance problem.