Issue 2023-W08

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This week has been about daily art, a tool for searching in repositories, SQL in Jupyter with DuckDB, plain text accounting, Rust programs interactive visualisations and the accessibility of Shadow DOM.

# Daily Art

A mobile application that shares a piece of art every day, complemented with a bit of background on the artist, historical context, etc.

# bloop

A desktop application to search both local and remote repositories with natural language, regex and filtered queries.

# JupySQL

A Python library to run SQL in Jupyter/IPython via a magics with a seamless integration with DuckDB. This combined with the fact that DuckDB 0.7 now allows connecting multible databases, including SQLite databases, to the same instance makes it a powerful tool for quick data analysis.

# plain text accounting

A collection of tools and resources to get started with the world of accounting using plain text.

# Aquascope

A tool that generates interactive visualizations of Rust programs. These visualizations show how Rust's borrow checker interprets a program, and how the program actually executes.

# How Shadow DOM and accessibility are in conflict

An article looking into the consequences derived from the Shadow DOM opaqueness from the assumptions and expectations of ARIA hints.