Issue 2023-W09

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This week has been about how the Internet works, prompt injection threats, fast SQLite indexing, an edge CMS, an in-memory database and trait references in Rust.

# The Internet explained from first principles

An article explaining how the Internet works in low-entry technical terms.

# Indirect Prompt Injection Threats

An article summarising the paper More than you've asked for: A Comprehensive Analysis of Novel Prompt Injection Threats to Application-Integrated Large Language Models where they explore how Large Language Models (LLM) can be attacked to produce malicious content or override the original instructions.

# SQLite Index Blaster

A SQLite library providing an API for creating huge SQLite indexes for millions of records much faster than the official SQLite library by leaving out crash recovery.

# microfeed

A content management system (CMS) built on Cloudflare's Pages, R2,D1 and Zero Trust.

# DarkBird

A document-oriented, real-time, in-memory database optimized for fast document retrieval.

# Rust Trait Implementations and References

An article on the subtleties of implementing traits for references in Rust.