Issue 2023-W11

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This week has been about translating C to Rust, a graphical font editor, an alternative to Parquet, a WASM Markdown parser, Lua in Neovim and AI Animation.

# A Neovim Task Runner in 30 lines of Lua

A quick tutorial to get going with Lua in Neovim.

# C2Rust

A tool able to translate most C modules into semantically equivalent Rust code.

# gerb

A graphical font editor using GTK and Rust.

# Lance

A columnar data format aiming for high-performance random access (it claims 100 times faster than Parquet) targeting search engines and feature stores. It's compatible with Pandas, Polars, DuckDB, Apache Arrow and more.

# Disney Animator REACTS to AI Animation! (video)

A reflection on the so-called AI Animation by a 35-year professional in classic animation from Disney.

# Parsedown

A lightweight Markdown transformer into HTML written in Rust and compiled as WebAssembly.