Issue 2023-W13

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This week has been about the Janet language, the bicycle movement, a tool for analysing security risks, a typesetting system, and a talk on data-oriented design.

# Janet

An embeddable functional and imperative programming language in less than 1MB. From the same author of Fennel.

# Janet for Mortals

An online book on Janet. It covers a large set of topics including metaprogramming, concurrency and embedding.

# typst

A new markup-based typesetting system designed to be as powerful as LaTeX.

# Bearer

A tool to analyse and prioritise security risks and vulnerabilities impacting JavaScript and Ruby.

# Bicycle

An interactive article explaining the principles behind the movement and integrity of a bicycle.

# Practical DOD (video)

A talk by the creator of Zig on data-oriented design and its benefits reducing memory footprint.