Issue 2023-W14

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This week has been about networks and graphs with Gephi Lite, a JavaScript library for graph manipulation, a Python library for data validation, a Make-like build tool, the state of AI research, and WebAssembly tail call optimisation in V8.

# Gephi Lite

An open-source web application to visualize and explore networks and graphs. A lighter version of Gephi.

# Graphology

A JavaScript library for working with graphs providing a standard library with graph theory algorithms and layout algorithms.

# Pydantic

A Python library for validating data using Python type hints.

# Behind the curtain: what it feels like to work in AI right now

An article on the state of AI research after the advent of ChatGPT.

It feels like the field is charging ahead with rapid progress on the technical side, where there is a down-the-line wall of safety and bias concerns that are very hard for small teams to comply with.

# WebAssembly tail calls

An article explaining how V8 has implemented tail call optimisation for WebAssembly.

# Knit

A build tool inspired by Make and Plan9 Mk. It combines the a Make-like rules language with a Lua runtime.