Issue 2023-W15

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This week has been about a simplified Nix, fast lexers in Rust, accessible SolidJS, the London tube in 3D, a technical search engine, and headless mobile applications.

# 3D maps of every Underground station

A collection of 3D maps of London's underground station corridors.

# Logos

A Rust library for creating fast lexers via expressive enums and callbacks per match.

# Fleek

An all-in-one management system built on top of Nix and Nix Home Manager. Instead of the Nix language it opts to use YAML.

# Phind

A service for searching for technical solutions aided by AI.

[...] Unlike some other AI assistants, Phind pulls information from the internet and is always up to date. [...]

# Kobalte

A UI toolkit for building accessible web applications and design systems with SolidJS.

# iOS, Android and Web applications that share a single Rust core (video)

A talk on approaching mobile applications with the headless paradigm.