Issue 2023-W16

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This week has been about data exfiltration in Python, WebAssembly in Python, Rust backing mobile applications, text minimaps, interactive graphics in JavaScript and load balancer strategies.

# Python WebAssembly runtime

A Python WebAssembly runtime featuring WebAssembly components.

# Load Balancing

An article on the ways a load balancer can distribute HTTP requests to a set of servers.

# PixiJS

A rendering library aimed at creating interactive graphics (including games) abstracting away from the complexities of WebGL and browser and device compatibility.

# Crux

A Rust framework to help architect applications with a reusable core across mobile (iOS, Android) and web.

# Malicious Actors Use Unicode Support in Python to Evade Detection

An article on a technique to exfiltrate sensitive data leveraging Python support for Unicode in identifiers.

# code-minimap

A command-line tool written in Rust for generating text minimaps a-la code editor sidebars. There's also an integration with Vim.