Issue 2023-W17

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This week has been about the internals of databases, LLMs in Python, LLMs in Rust, a service offering pre-trained models, MVCC in Postgres and a tool to kill processes.

# Build Your Own Database From Scratch

A book diving into how persistence, indexing and concurrency work in a database. It walks through building a key-value store and a simple relational database.

# Hugging Face

A service providing a large range of machine learning components such as models and datasets.

# killport

A command-line tool for killing processes listening on specific ports.

# The Part of PostgreSQL We Hate the Most

An article on how PostgreSQL implements Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) and why it's problematic.

# LangChain

A Python library to assist in the development of applications using large language models (LLMs). It integrates with a couple of dozens of LLM providers (proprietary and open source) including OpenAI and Llama-cpp. LangChain.js is an equivalent implementation written in TypeScript.

For a quick overview you might want to read this article instead: Getting Started with LangChain

# llm-chain

A collection of Rust libraries to work with Large Language Models (LLMs) more effectively. Supports prompt templates, prompt-chaining, enabling complex tasks that LLMs can't handle in a single step. It supports connecting to ChatGPT, LLaMa, Alpaca and more.