Issue 2023-W18

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This week has been about the internals of Pandas, internals of Deno KV, unsafe Rust vs Zig, useful errors in Rust, search and replace for Neovim and streaming statistics.

# When Zig is safer and faster than Rust

An article comparing Rust and Zig in a situation where Rust would require lots of unsafe code. The article uses a bytecode interpreter to compare the two.

# Pandas Illustrated: The Definitive Visual Guide to Pandas

An article comparing what Pandas has to offer and how it compares with using plain Numpy.

# nvim-spectre

A search and replace pane plugin for Neovim.

# Deno KV

An article exploring the new Deno key-value store. Seems to be backed by SQLite locally and by FoundationDB in the Deno Land service.

# Calculating a Moving Average on Streaming Data

A collection of articles on calculating statistics on a stream of data.

# Modular Errors in Rust

An article on how to implement useful errors in Rust.