Issue 2023-W19

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This week has been about RocksDB, emoji prompts, managing Python, querying binary files, prompt engineering and a tutorial on TLS.

# How RocksDB works

An article on how RocksDB implements its Log-structured merge-tree.

# Prompt Engineering vs. Blind Prompting

An article on the basics of prompt engineering and how to approach learning it.

# Rye

An experimental tool for managing Python projects written in Rust. Good to see it avoids relying on the default system Python which is usually a mess. Python Standalone Builds is an interesting project to generate highly redistributable Python builds.

# Emojiton

A service that translates prompts to emojis.

# fq

A command-line interface tool for querying binary files. Designed to feel simlar to jq.

# See this page fetch itself, byte by byte, over TLS

An interactive tutorial to see what happens in a TLS exchange, step by step.