Issue 2023-W21

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This week has been about a tool to generate flamegraphs, debugging asynchronous Rust, a technical debt classification, electronic music rudiments, a spreadsheet-like tool supporting Python and a programming language with manual memory management and Python-like syntax.

# Yaksha

A programming language with Python syntax and manual memory management that compiles down to C99.

# Get started making music

A tutorial on how to make electronic music covering basic sounds, beats, tempo, chords and more.

# A taxonomy of tech debt

An article classifying technical debt using a few metrics for better evaluation on what to address first.

# cargo-flamegraph

A tool to profile a running process and generate a flamegraph in SVG for the result.

# tokio-console

A tool for diagnosing and debugging asynchronous Rust programs.

# Quadratic

A spreadsheet-like tool with an infinite grid and supporting formulas and Python.