Issue 2023-W22

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This week has been about bypassing paywalls, stored procedures in SQLite, a local meta search engine, merging tree-like structures, WASI on POSIX and a web bundler in Rust compatible with Webpack.

# Graphtage

A command-line utility and underlying library for comparing and merging tree-like structures, such as JSON, XML, HTML, YAML, plist, and CSS files.

# websurfx

A meta search engine that can run locally providing a secure search experience whilst maintaining user privacy.


An initiative to extend WASI to make it compatible enough with POSIX to enable running POSIX-compatible applications with it. It claims to keep backwards and forwards compatibility with WASI.

You might also be interested in the background provided by Wasmer.

# Rspack

A web bundler compatible with Webpack plugins with out of the box support for TypeScript, JSX and CSS Modules to name a few.


A code generation system for SQLite for writing custom functions using stored procedures in a variant of Transact-SQL (T-SQL).

# 12ft

A service to bypass website paywalls using the same sources as the Google crawler.