Issue 2023-W23

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This week has been about a system for consultations, speeding up Rust Docker builds, a curly Python dialect, the London tube in Git, a collection of CSS patterns and low-level WASM in TypeScript.

# cargo-chef

A cargo-subcommand to speed up Rust Docker builds using Docker layer caching.

# London Tube Map in Git Network

A script to generate a Git repository where the commit tree is a map of the London tube.

# Wasmati

An article introducing Wasmati, a library to write low-level WebAssembly in TypeScript.

# Bython

A Python dialect with braces instead of indentation that transpiles to Python.

# smolCSS

A collection of CSS patterns for common layouts and components.

# Polis

A system claiming to be for gathering, analysing and understanding what large groups of people think in their own words, enabled by advanced statistics and machine learning.