Issue 2023-W25

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This week has been about completion scripts from BNF, a lambda calculus repl, Rust Git hooks, the Kakoune editor, repurposing hardware and data abstractions.

# Data Abstraction: Theory And Practice

An article exploring abstraction through different languages' lens on interfaces.

# rusty-hook

A Rust library enabling Git hook configurable via a TOML file.

# Overly-documented Rust-powered Lambda Calculus interpreter

A Lambda Calculus implementation including a REPL, thoroughly documented.

# complgen

A tool to generate completion scripts from a BNF-like grammar.

# Permacomputing

A website on the idea of minimising waste by maximising hardware lifespans, minimising energy use and focusing on the use of available computational resources.

If this topic interests you, Build a cheap but fast home NAS system might be of your interest.

# Kakoune

A modal editor with advanced text manipulation and extensible with plugins. Helix is heavily influenced by it.