Issue 2023-W26

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This week has been about CSS Hue, a tool for code structural search, calling C++ from Rust, a block-based editor, a single data access layer library and memory allocation basics.


A library providing a safe mechanism for calling C++ code from Rust.

# Apache OpenDAL

A library offering a single data access layer (DAL) for known storage protocols, object storage services, file storage services, key-value storage services and cache storage services.

# ast-grep

A command-line interface tool for code structural search, linting and rewriting.

# Memory Allocation

An article on the rudiments of memory allocation, how it works and the problems it attempts to solve.

# Learn how to use hue in CSS colors with HSL

An article introducing the CSS hue() function and how to use it to obtain colour palettes.

# BlockSuite

An embeddable block-based editor for general-purpose collaborative applications.