Issue 2023-W27

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This week has been about SQLite on Postgres protocol, an IRC desktop application, relational joins, checkmate patterns, a statically typed configuration language and a carbon footprint calculator.

# The Complete Checkmate Patterns List (with examples)

A collection of checkmate patterns with interactive studies to solve.

# Nickel

A statically typed configuration language able to translate to JSON and XML.

# Image Carbon

A service claiming it calculates the carbon footprint for a given website by anaysing images.

# SQLite-based databases on the postgres protocol? Yes we can!

An article on the new sqld from the libsql SQLite fork which lets you share a SQLite-compatible database using the Postgres protocol.

# Halloy

An IRC desktop application written in Rust using Iced.

# Joins 13 Ways

An article looking at relational joins with different perspectives.