Issue 2023-W28

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This week has been about SQLite synchronisation, interactive widgets with DuckDB, a game with lasers and chess pieces, prototyping with Rust and Python, a web application framework driven by SQL and a library for diagramming in JavaScript.

# Mycelite

A SQLite extension allowing change synchronisation between SQLite instances.

# JointJS

A library for diagramming in JavaScript with an extensive set of widgets. Notice that the open source version has a smaller set of features.

# Laser

A game based on a Chess board with an unusual set of rules.

# The easiest way to speed up Python with Rust

An article on protyping in Rust with a quick way to import it as a Python library. The article also covers some performance mistakes and how to avoid them.

# Mosaic

A JavaScript library to build interactive views for exploring datasets efficiently by using DuckDB behind the scenes.

# SQLPage

A web application framework for creating websites writing plain SQL queries.