Issue 2023-W30

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This week has been about a Rust code checker, portable maps with WebGPU, Apple's Private Access Tokens, Desktop Container Environments, a tool for MacOS automation with Lua and a high-level systems programming language.

# MapLibre

A portable renderer for maps using WebGL or WebGPU.

# Bacon

A tool to run Rust code checks in the background.

# Digging into Cross-Platform Containers

An article diving into how Desktop Container Environments (e.g. Docker Desktop, Rancher Desktop) deal with non-native architectures (e.g. AMD64 on an ARM64).

# Apple already shipped attestation on the web, and we barely noticed

An article on Apple's Private Access Tokens and the similarities with the controversial Web Environment Integrity from Chromium (i.e. Google).

# The Val programming language

A programming language that leverages mutable value semantics and generic programming for high-level systems programming.

# Hammerspoon

A tool for automation of macOS scripted with Lua.