Issue 2023-W31

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This week has been about Lua multi-values, the Fennel language, the Wing Cloud language, a keyboard customiser for MacOS, the history of Unicode and how to use semicolons in English.

# Karabiner-Elements

A MacOS tool to customise the keyboard.

# Fennel

A programming language from the Lisp family designed to transpile down to Lua with minimal overhead.

# Everything You Didn’t Want to Know About Lua’s Multi-Values

An article diving into the odness of multi-values in Lua.

# Winglang

A programming language designed for the cloud. It aims to enable building distributed systems that leverage cloud services by combining infrastructure and application code in a unified programming model. Programs can be executed locally using a fully-functional simulator, or deployed to a cloud provider.

# How to use a semicolon

A cheatsheet on how to use semicolons in English.

# Unicode is harder than you think

An article on how Unicode came about and the consequences of its evolution.