Issue 2023-W32

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This week has been about the Red Book of data management, animations in WebAssembly, an embeddable relational database, Machine Learning in Rust, a tool to compress in many formats and a memory for the creator of Vim.

# BadAppleFont

An article exploring how to embed an animation into a font using WebAssembly.

# Ouch!

A command-line tool for compressing/decompressing in different formats.

# The Legacy of Bram Moolenaar

An article-eulogy for the creator of Vim who recently passed away.

# Readings in Database Systems

A book, commonly known as “Red Book” on research on the field of data management. Available in HTML and PDF.

# Candle

A minimalist ML framework for Rust aiming to make serverless inference possible. The syntax is designed to look and feel similar to PyTorch whilst avoiding Python and its limitations all together.

# SpacetimeDB

An embeddable relational database with the ability to run the application logic side by side; as they put it: “fancy stored procedures”.