Issue 2023-W33

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This week has been about Jira from the terminal, GitHub integrations with Rust, Postgres replicated to SQLite, a collection of miniature programming languages, unused CSS and whether syntax highlighting helps or not.

# PrugeCSS

A tool to remove unused CSS from a project.

# Octocrab

A Rust library for building GitHub integrations and bots.

# jira-cli

A tool to interact with Jira from the terminal.

# SQLedge

A tool to stream changes from Postges to SQLite so the database can run on the edge.

# A case against syntax highlighting

An article arguing that syntax highlighting makes it harder for understanding what the code does.

# The Programming Language Zoo

A collection of miniature programming languages written in OCaml which demonstrates various concepts and techniques used in programming language design and implementation. Each implementation is extensively annotated.