Issue 2023-W34

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This week has been about incompetent nice people, CVEs rescored without proper explanations, a package manager for Conda, Google DRM to control the Web, styilish maps and a WebAssembly framework for serverless.

# A Response to Jacob Kaplan-Moss’s “Incompetent But Nice”

An article on what to do with a co-worker that is a nice person but incompetent at their job.

# CVE-2020-19909 is everything that is wrong with CVEs

An article showcasing a problem with how NVD reviews and classifies CVE security vulnerabilities.

# Your choice of browser matters

An article spelling out yet another ill-intended attempt to keep their advertisement business profitable at the expense of the rest.

# Wasm Workers Server

A WebAssembly framework to develop serverless applications and run them anywhere.

# Prettymapp

A tool to create stylish maps from OpenStreetMap data.

# pixi

A multi-language package manager and workflow tool aiming to improve the experience of dealing with Conda packages for Python, C++ and R.