Issue 2023-W37

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This week has been about the 4-colour map theory, a cross-platform nantive GUI for Rust, a terminal file manager, an interactive Linux kernel map, the Odin programming language and a Unix timestamp clock.

# Odin Programming Language

A general-purpose programming language aiming to be an alternative to C. Similar in aim to Zig.

# How a curious question about colouring maps changed mathematics forever (video)

A video summarising how the attempt to prove the 4-colour map theory led to using computers to aid mathematicians validate or indeed generate proofs

# Linux kernel map

An interactive map of the Linux kernel, depicting interconnections between subsystems, functions and structures.

# s32 unix clock

A clock with four hands displaying the four bytes composing a 32-bit Unix timestamp. Can serve as a doomsday clock for the 2038 problem.

# Yazi

A terminal file manager aiming to provide an efficient, user-friendly, and customizable file management experience.

# Freya

A cross-platform native GUI library for Rust, built on top of Dioxus and Skia as graphics library.