Issue 2023-W38

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This week has been about Bun, a cleverer cd, shell pipelines in Rust, circles in printing, sustainability guidelines for the web and SQLite for multi-file documents.

# zoxide

An alternative to cd inspired by z and autojump.

# What If OpenDocument Used SQLite?

An article exploring the benefits of using SQLite for encoding a multi-file document format.

# Bun hype. How we learned nothing from Yarn

An article ranting about the design choices made in Bun, a new JavaScript all-in-one runtime.


A Rust library for buidling pipelines with safer IO handling than a plain shell.

# Web Sustainability Guidelines (WSG) 1.0

A report covering a wide range of recommendations for making websites and products more sustainable.

# Circles do not exist

An article on how, for printing, circles are just imperfect approximations using Bézier curves.