Issue 2023-W39

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This week has been about a logic-based programming language, an array and stack oriented programming language, Lua as a config language, a column-oriented analytical database, a CLI for taking screenshots of webpages and an alternative to Postman.

# Uiua

A programming language that incorporates two of the less-common programming paradigms: array-oriented and stack-oriented.

An array-oriented language is one where the primary data structure is the array. A stack-oriented language is one where all operations manipulate a global stack of values.

# Picat

A logic-based multi-paradigm programming language aimed for general-purpose applications. Picat is a rule-based language, in which predicates, functions, and actors are defined with pattern-matching rules. It also incorporates declarative language features for better productivity of software development, including explicit non-determinism, explicit unification, functions, list comprehensions, constraints, and tabling.

# YAML config file? Pain? Try Lua

An article showcasing Lua as a configuration language. If you are still fond of YAML, you might enjoy noyaml.

# Bruno

A tool for managing and interacting with APIs a-la Postman, using its own markup language to store information about API requests.

# Haylxon

A tool to take screenshots of webpages using a headless chromium-based browser.

# ClickHouse

A column-oriented database optimised for real-time analytical queries. It offers a local option for quick consumption of CSV, Parquet including files stored in AWS S3.