Issue 2023-W40

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This week has been about the Border Gateway Protocol, a game for learning how to code, changesets for better PRs, a tool manager, an embeddable language in Rust and a compact tutorial on Unicode.

# Reorient GitHub Pull Requests Around Changesets

An article proposing the idea of “changeset” for a less painful experience with GitHub pull request workflows.

# The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Must Know About Unicode in 2023 (Still No Excuses!)

A compact tutorial on Unicode to get a grip on it.

# Grave flaws in BGP Error handling

An article on the weaknesses of the Border Gateway Protocol, the protocol that directs routing decisions between different ISP networks effectively holding the internet together.

# Elara

A game for learning how to code. It uses Rhai as the language of choice to walk you through programming concepts.

# Rhai

An embeddable to-use dynamic scripting language resembling Rust with some JavaScript in it. Builds for most common targets including no-std and WASM.

# pkgx

A tool to manage other tools via shims. Feels an in-between Nix, a package manager and a version manager.