Issue 2023-W41

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This week has been about sketching ASCII art, mathematics notation, a JavaScript IDE, macOS containers, a CSS custom properties library and a distributed stream processing engine written in Rust.

# Arroyo

A distributed stream processing engine written in Rust, designed to perform stateful computations on streams of data.

# Charcoal

A language for sketching ASCII art.

# Leporello.js

A JavaScript IDE designed with debugging and time travelling in mind, particularly when using a functional style.

# Open Props

A library of CSS custom properties aiming for a rapid and non-prescriptive development.

# Geometry to algebra and back again (video)

A talk about the evolution of mathematics notation. There is a transcript available.

# macOS Containers

An experimental approach for running containerd compatible containers in macOS. You might want to have a look at the underlying machinery: rund