Issue 2023-W42

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This week has been about digital content provenance, buffers and ropes, a gunzip tutorial, a CPU profiler, design choices of LSP and a Pi service.

# LSP could have been better

An article looking into the design choices done in the Language Server Protocol (LSP).

# My Pi Day

A service to find a date within the first 10,000,000 digits of the number Pi.

# content credentials

An initiative claiming to offer a provenance mechanism for digital content to help fight misinformation. It uses the Content Authenticity Initiative standard for verifiable provenance.

The website is thin in details and it's backed up by common actors pro-DRM such as Adobe or MicroSoft.

# Gunzip

An implementation of the Gunzip decompression algorithm in Rust documented for educational purposes. It also provides a series of tutorials showing the implementation incrementally.

# Samply

A command line CPU profiler which uses the Firefox profiler as its UI. At the moment it runs on macOS and Linux.

# Text showdown: Gap Buffers vs Ropes

An article comparing Emacs-like gap buffers and multiple Rust implementations of the Ropes data structure for handling text editing.