Issue 2023-W44

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This week has been about Signal’s new post-quantum protocol, an embedded programming language, an observability platform, PostgreSQL extensions in Rust, an introduction to LLM embeddings and Nginx extensions in Rust.

# pgrx

A framework for building PostgreSQL extensions in Rust.

# Extending NGINX with Rust (an Alternative to C)

An article on how to write an extension for Nginx in Rust.

# dascript

An programming language with strong static typing designed for high performance embeddable language for C++ applications.

# openobserve

An observability platform built for logs, metrics, traces and analytics aiming for a petabyte scale. It works as a drop-in replacement for Elasticsearch.

# An Analysis of Signal's PQXDH

An article summarising the result of analysing the new post-quantum secure protocol designed by Signal.

# Embeddings: What they are and why they matter

An article introducing the concept of “embedding” in the context of large language models.