Issue 2023-W47

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This week has been about the notion of Pi, an API-driven dictionary, a small terminal-based editor, a programming language for concurrent software, Git concepts revisited and the Functional Source License.

# Confusing git terminology

An article walking through a long list of Git concepts.

# π in Other Universes

An article exploring the notion of circle (and thus Pi) when using non-Euclidean distances.

# Kiro

A small terminal-based editor.

# Free Dictionary API

A service to query an English dictionary as an API.

# FSL: A License For the Bazaar, Not the Cathedral

An article on the new Functional Source License (FSL) from Sentry, another attempt on making an Open Source model sustainable.

# Inko

A programming language aiming to ease building concurrent software without worrying about unpredictable performance, data races and runtime errors.