Issue 2023-W49

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This week has been about a tool to explore regular expressions, an embeddable Scheme runtime, a query language for Git, a chess game in the terminal, a Service Workers server implementation and a programming language for scientific computations.

# regular expressions 101

A service to explore regular expressions interactively with support for a diverse set of programming languages.

# Steel

An embeddable programming language designed as a Scheme dialect with strong influence from Racket

# GQL - Git Query Language

A query language inspired by SQL targetting the git storage.

# chess-tui

A chess game interface for the terminal. It does not provide a game engine.

# WinterJS

A Service Workers server using the SpiderMonkey engine to execute JavaScript compatible with the WinterCG specification.

# numbat

A statically typed programming language for scientific computations with first class support for physical dimensions and units.