Issue 2023-W51

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This week has been about the security of UUIDv7, a collection of neovim plugins, an introduction to how databases work, a collection of static analysis tools, package manager challenges and data-oriented design and the relational model.

# Maybe We Don’t Need UUIDv7 After All

An article looking into the potential security weaknesses of UUIDv7.

# neovimcraft

A collection of searchable Neovim plugins.

# Database Fundamentals

An introduction to how databases work influenced by “Database Internals” by Alex Petrov and “Designing Data-Intensive Applications” by Martin Kleppmann.

# Analysis Tools

A collection of static analysis tools and linters for a large set of programming languages.

# Writing a package manager

An article on the challenges of implememnting a package manager.

# Databases are the endgame for data-oriented design

An article looking into data oriented design, entity component systems and the relational model.