Issue 2024-W11

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This week has been about optimising chess data, the Citation Style Language, Rust Flashcards and the Biscuit authorisation token.

# Compressing Chess Moves for Fun and Profit

An article exploring how to optimise storing large quantities of Chess moves.

# Citation Style Language

An XML-based format to describe the formatting of citations, notes and bibliographies.

The Zotero Style Repository is a great tool for finding either the style you are after or a good starting point for a new one.

If editing XML by hand is not what you are after, there is a Visual Editor available.

# Rust Flashcards

A large flashcard deck to consolidate your Rust knowledge. It exports to Anki.

# Biscuit authorization

An authorization token with decentralized verification, offline attenuation and strong security policy enforcement based on a logic language.